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Daily Archives: June 5th, 2011



Home made gifts are gifts from the heart.  My most treasured possessions are those gifts, notes, and drawings that the kids made for me as they were growing up.  I spent hours making gifts for family and friends, trying to make something of special significance and value for the recipient.  I have afghans that my grandmother made for me, a lamp that my grandfather made (beautiful), shoulder wraps from my mother, bookshelves from Dad. The list goes on and on, but the gifts that were handmade are the ones I never part with.  When someone takes the time to spend time, energy and talent to make a gift for someone else, they are giving a piece of themselves, something to be treasured.  The shawl pictured above is a gift my daughter-in-law crocheted for me years ago.  It is one of my favorites.  And it means more knowing she made it. I am grateful for homespun, heartfelt gifts!

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