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I know I’ve said this before, and I’ve posted this photo a time or two–whether here or on another blog I cannot remember–but in light of the tragedy of a few short days ago, I am reminded yet again of the sanctity of family. I love my children and grandchildren. I love each of the partners my children chose to live their lives with. I love the memories, joyful and painful, of all the events that soldered us together as a family. I love that today, at this moment, my family is intact. Too many families have had their lives ripped apart by the senseless tragedy in Connecticut. Children, parents, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, beloved teachers, heroes and villain were tragically taken from us in an instant. My heart is weighted with sadness as I think of those many who are left with empty arms who must find a way to go on. Prayers and sympathy do not seem to be enough. The desire to ease the pain of those who lost so much renders feelings of helplessness that I cannot do more. But, as inadequate as it seems to me in this moment, I do pray. I pray for their comfort, their eventual return to sanity albeit a sanity forever changed. May God sustain them and comfort them now. They loved and adored their families as I do mine. The tragedy reminds me that none of us knows when one or more of our loved ones can be snatched from us, even in the safest of places. I am grateful for my children and their children and for children yet to be born.

Have you ever noticed how the simple things in life are the real day-brighteners? The older I get, the more I eschew the material-hoarding lifestyle that seems rampant in today’s American culture. Rather, I (we~R and I talked about this just last night) prefer a walk in the woods, time with the children and grandchildren, settling down with a good book, a phone call from a friend, bird watching and a host of other activities, all of which lift my spirits and imbue me with a sense of wonder and awe . . . and hope. Yesterday I found myself in the doldrums; academic books, notes and such strewn everywhere. Late in the afternoon I defiantly pushed myself away from my desk, took up my camera and left the apartment. I was only gone for about 30 minutes, but in that thirty minutes I came upon a beautiful blooming tree. Sitting in its shade, I breathed in deeply, savoring every aroma tinged breath. I shot a few photos. Spirits lifted,  I returned to my studies with renewed vigor and peace of mind. I know what is really important . . . and what is not. I am grateful for a beautiful flower on an otherwise gloomy day.

From our balcony, I can look down at this playground.  I can tell when school is out by the noises I hear as the children rush to play when they get home.  I’ve learned that boys like to yell a lot, and girls like to shriek even more!  One can hear them as they play their active games and let off steam after having sat in a classroom all day.  I love those sounds!  Youth, vitality, imagination, play — the things that remind us to live vibrantly!  I am grateful for the noise of children playing.

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