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Monthly Archives: April 2013




Here in a city on the Great Lakes, spring is slow to arrive. Even so, buds are beginning to open revealing colorful blossoms that proclaim Spring is HERE! After a long, cold, seemingly endless winter, signs of life, rebirth and growth are everywhere. The days are getting longer and we have all but forgotten the snow of a few weeks ago. The birds, too, are returning from their winter migrations, always a welcome sight . . . and sound. This is the first American Goldfinch I’ve seen this year, and then only as I scrambled through brush and briar in search of new sites and treasures. Its ¬†bright yellow plumage, a spring-time and early summer phenomenon during the mating season, is but another indication of new life and color emerging from the drabness we see and feel by the end of winter. Yes, I am grateful for spring!


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