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Monthly Archives: January 2014



For the past few days I have been preoccupied with nighttime images. A photography group I belong to works with a different photographic theme each week and music of the night (think Phantom of the Opera) was the most recent theme. As I was perusing through innumerable night-time images looking for something that might be acceptable for this theme, it occurred to me how much I love the beauty of the night: the moon, the stars, the silhouettes, the sounds, the breeze, the night lights or candle lights, etc. Activity fills our days┬ábut the nights were made for slowing down, mellowing out, relaxing, romancing, and sleeping. As our lives have accelerated to the point that too often we don’t pause or rest or go slower, we are becoming more angst filled and tired. I say it is time to slow down again. Breathe deeply. Notice the beauty of the night, of the constellations that can only be seen after the sun sets and the softness and peacefulness that nighttime offers us. Yes, I am grateful for the beauty of the night.



I began my studies in July, 2010. After three and a half years filled with accomplishments, tears, frustrations and joys, I completed the degree. The icing on the cake is that the week after the conferral of this degree, I got a job doing what I’ve trained for: Adult Community Mental Health Service Provider. When I receive my license (expected April, 2014), the title will change to mental health counselor. YAY!!!!



Record cold is blanketing America. The low temperatures in many places are dipping well below zero degrees fahrenheit. Many people, as well as animals, are suffering in the extreme cold. The high temperature today in Cleveland, OH reached only up to +4 degrees. Announcements have popped up on my Facebook page alerting people to locations of safe, warm shelters scattered around the area. May we and all critters find places offering warmth tonight. On days such as this I am grateful for the warm house we live in.

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