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Jacob and Genevieve absolutely love each other! I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with either of them, but when I see them together it thrills me. Jacob lives in Chicago and Genevieve lives in Pittsburgh, but their parents (my children) are intentional about visiting each other from time to time. I watch these two and am reminded of how much I enjoyed my cousins growing up, even though we are scattered across the country. I had no idea how much joy I would get from watching my children’s children bond with each other. Before the end of the year, there will be more children to add to this mix! More joy! More bonding! More grandchildren! More cousins! I do not know what any of us did to be so incredibly blessed, but I know without a doubt that I am incredibly grateful for my grandchildren, and the gift of watching them bond with each other!

Jacob reading to his cousin, Genevieve.

I had no idea when I became a “bubbe” that life would become so rich, so much fun!  They bring out the best in us.  I love my children with all my heart, but when I see my grandchildren, my heart literally sings for joy!  They bring out the magic and wonder in life.  They see the world with inquisitive eyes.  The simplest things are magnificent in their lives.  All the stresses and worries that seem to be constant companions to us adults are instantly pushed aside when I spend time with Jacob or Genevieve.  I love them.  I have fun with them.  They are pure joy.  I am grateful for grandchildren!

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