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Sizing up the distance to the dangling bird food above.


He begins his ascent.


He meets with the impenetrable obstacle!


Not to fear! He knows where the accessible food is!


Hmmm…. Never encountered a bird at the bird feeder before.


He must check this out.


Looks like there is plenty of room for both, so he goes for it.


*&^%$ Mourning Doves! He’ll give the dangling bird food another shot.

As you may have realized, I chose to step away from a regular blogging routine while I finish up my last year (grueling year) of school. Despite my absence from this page however, I find reasons to express gratitude every day. A couple of days ago I saw this squirrel scampering about looking for food. He provided my husband and me with a good fifteen minutes of humor, so much so that we laughed till the tears flowed. A little humor does so much to lift our spirits, especially during these cold winter days. I am grateful for humor, especially the natural, unexpected humor that shows up when we least expect it! Enjoy!


Unpacked boxes still fill our basement. Odds and ends are chaotically strewn in odd places throughout the house. Sundays are our designated days to work toward order as we anxiously anticipate the day when everything has its place (and is in its designated place . . . or is that too much to ask???) We were both on task with that plan yesterday, that is until around 2pm when Richard asked me if I wanted to take a drive. Never being one to turn down a day trip with my husband, I dropped what I was doing, grabbed the camera and we hopped in the car and
headed down the road. When we reached Vermillion, OH, we decided to pull over and explore the area. Vermillion is a quaint great lake village with canals that act as roadways through portions of the town. Quaint shops, flowers hung from light poles, charming cottages and more, strongly suggest a slower, more relaxed pace of life reminiscent of days gone by. We had a delightful afternoon and when we returned home in the evening, both of us felt refreshed for having taken time off. I am grateful for a spontaneous drive to explore unknown places on a Sunday afternoon. ūüôā


Not too many years ago, I thought that bird watching was definitely one of the most boring hobbies EVER! How could someone sit for hours watching birds do their thing? As I’ve grown older however, I’ve discovered that birds are quite entertaining. I am learning to recognize each warble and match the sound to its species, which I am also learning to recognize. My makeshift feeder and baths are a magnet to birds of every size and color. And there is definitely a pecking order for which bird rules our deck at any given time. I have become one of those who can spend hours watching their antics. With a camera always close at hand, I have captured some of their character and beauty. Even Richard has been charmed by “my” birds since we have settled in our new place. I know they will bring joy and color to our yard for as long as we are here. I am grateful for the joy of birdwatching! ūüôā

My daughter-in-law shot this photo while she and my son were vacationing in the Bad Lands a few years ago. As they paused to observe “wild life,” this mule walked up to the car. Maria wanted a photo but neither she nor Tim knew what was about to happen. The mule stuck its head in the window and looked adoringly at Tim. Tim was a bit nervous and was telling Maria to hurry up with the photo, while she was telling him to be still because she was getting THE photo to beat all vacation photos! She is a smart gal! ūüôā Humor is not planned. It happens in ways and places we least expect. Humor is the spice of life. I love the humor in this photo, and in life. Humor helps us keep our sanity when the world seems to be going mad. I am grateful for humor!

Amidst the business of studying and packing, Richard and I stole away for one last visit to Burke Lake, just fifteen minutes from our apartment. ¬†Richard leaves later this week to begin a new job in another state. ¬†I won’t see him again for five weeks, at which time I will be joining him in our new home. ¬†Burk Lake is a place we go to when we need to breathe deeply, let go of our cares, mellow out, relax, enjoy nature and just “be.” ¬†This last trip to the lake was a spontaneous “hey, let’s go to the lake for a few minutes” trip. ¬†I will miss this lake, but I happen to know that our new city is peppered with beautiful parks and trails, and that there are state parks and sanctuaries nearby. ¬†For now however, I enjoy the photographs, remember the sweet moments we spent at the lake yesterday, and realize that I am grateful for Burke Lake.


My husband is on a business trip and since I am on a break from my studies, I joined him in his travels.  It was a spur of the moment decision, but I am sooooo glad we are traveling together.  Road trips are one more thing we do well together!  Of course when one is traveling by car, pit stops are a necessity, and most states have kindly provided places to pull off the road so the weary traveler can take a little R&R from driving. Rest areas are islands of loveliness anymore, with beautiful landscaping and picnic tables, play areas and walkways for pets. I photographed these flowers at a rest area in Ohio.  When I got out of the car, they are the first things I noticed.  Lovely.  I am grateful for beautification efforts anywhere.

From our balcony, I can look down at this playground. ¬†I can tell when school is out by the noises I hear as the children rush to play when they get home. ¬†I’ve learned that boys like to yell a lot, and girls like to shriek even more! ¬†One can hear them as they play their active games and let off steam after having sat in a classroom all day. ¬†I love those sounds! ¬†Youth, vitality, imagination, play — the things that remind us to live¬†vibrantly! ¬†I am grateful for the noise of children playing.

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