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Unpacked boxes still fill our basement. Odds and ends are chaotically strewn in odd places throughout the house. Sundays are our designated days to work toward order as we anxiously anticipate the day when everything has its place (and is in its designated place . . . or is that too much to ask???) We were both on task with that plan yesterday, that is until around 2pm when Richard asked me if I wanted to take a drive. Never being one to turn down a day trip with my husband, I dropped what I was doing, grabbed the camera and we hopped in the car and
headed down the road. When we reached Vermillion, OH, we decided to pull over and explore the area. Vermillion is a quaint great lake village with canals that act as roadways through portions of the town. Quaint shops, flowers hung from light poles, charming cottages and more, strongly suggest a slower, more relaxed pace of life reminiscent of days gone by. We had a delightful afternoon and when we returned home in the evening, both of us felt refreshed for having taken time off. I am grateful for a spontaneous drive to explore unknown places on a Sunday afternoon. 🙂



  1. I need to go there next time! I like lighthouses.

    • It is a really really really cool town on the lake! WITH super cool B&B’s, too. I want to go back. It’s about 45 miles west on the lake from Cleveland.

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