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Monthly Archives: May 2012

A few days ago I posted a gratitude for beautiful flowers that my children sent to me for Mother’s Day. Today the roses still adorn my dining room table, albeit a bit worn and drooping. They will be gone soon, but the memory of the love and thoughtfulness they represent will linger long afterwards. As you can see, even in their “old age,” they exhibit an exquisite beauty. I suppose most people would have discarded the roses by the time they appeared wilted and discolored. Such a metaphor for life! As I age, I am discovering that each age and stage has its unique gifts to offer. The skin increasingly sags, the joints stiffen, the eyes dull with passing time, yet the most beautiful, loving, compassionate people I know are the ones who are aging. But like these beautiful roses, they become more beautiful with age. It occurred to me this morning that I am truly grateful for aging . . . my aging process and those of many others who bless my life, too. So, here’s to aging and the beauty of the process.

Our yard is pretty much empty of vegetation. We have only been in our new home since the first of May and I haven’t planted anything yet. This year won’t see much change, maybe a few additions~a small flower garden, some potted veggies on the deck, but probably not much else. So it was a delightful moment when I discovered that the previous owners had planted peonies along the side of the garage. I have watched them for the past week, anxiously awaiting the blossoms’ debut. Well, they are finally opening up and what a gorgeous sight they are. I walk out to the garage each morning to see how they are coming along. I just love flowers!!! I am most grateful for these lovely peonies that brighten my day. 🙂

Yesterday was Mother’s Day so I made a point of talking to my mother and my daughters/daughter-in-law. We are all mothers now. 🙂 I’m not big on fancy gifts or gushy cards, rather time in conversation is what I value. So it was good to spend time via FaceTime and phone with the other mothers in my family. Today however, I received a bouquet of roses and a small box of chocolates from my kids. It was totally unexpected (we don’t usually do those sorts of things). I love roses and chocolate and have smiled ever since receiving them. Thank you to my children. You made me feel special today. I am grateful for flowers and candy from my children.

I don’t have a photo today but I do want to say how grateful I am for all those who offer their skills and expertise to provide services for others. We have been in our new home since the beginning of May, and already we have had electricians, appliance repair folks, and landscapers (fancy name for mowers) do work on and in our home. It is so easy to take people for granted, but if not for others, we would be hard pressed to get this work done ourselves or do it well. So, thank you to all who provide much-needed services. I am grateful for the work you do.

Standing on the deck, I watch the storm roll in: May 7, 2012.

There was a day when the first sound of thunder sent me fleeing for shelter in the most fortified room of the house. The sound terrified me. Even as an adult, I became vigilant and nervous as thunder rolled in. Now however, I sit here at the computer as I continue my studies, look out the window and breathe deeply. I love the smell of spring rain brought in by the storms. I watch as the clouds darken and billow, listen to the thunder rolling from horizon to horizon, and feel blessed for the privilege of enjoying another spring. Birds slice the sky as they zoom hither and thither seeking shelter, knowing as do I, that the showers are merely rinsing the air clean and quenching earth’s thirst. Of course I realize that when things go awry, the weather can bring damage and pain into our lives. But a spring thunder shower reminds me of cycles and seasons, growth and hibernation, and I am thankful for it all. So, as I spend yet another day with my never-ending coursework, I watch the storm roll in and feel deep gratitude for spring thunder showers.

With books and papers spread across the dining room table as I studied and typed away, I chanced a glance out my diningroom door to see a Robin perched on the deck fencing. My yard is not lush like the courtyard we left when we moved here, but it certainly has possibilities. Seeing this bird reminded me that although the sights and sounds have changed somewhat, there is beauty here, too. I am one who always (or almost always) keeps my camera at the ready, and this moment was no exception. The camera was within arms reach so I slowly picked it up, focused and while still sitting at the table amidst all the books, I took one shot. This was the only photo I got. Startled by the click of the shutter, the bird immediately took flight. But I did go out and spread a few seeds across the beam in hopes of attracting other birds to this spot. A proper bird feeder will go in soon. This morning (5:00am) as I type this, darkness still envelops us, but the birds are chirping up a storm. Ahhh…  I love the sights and sounds in our new home! I am grateful for discovering the life outside my door!

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