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With books and papers spread across the dining room table as I studied and typed away, I chanced a glance out my diningroom door to see a Robin perched on the deck fencing. My yard is not lush like the courtyard we left when we moved here, but it certainly has possibilities. Seeing this bird reminded me that although the sights and sounds have changed somewhat, there is beauty here, too. I am one who always (or almost always) keeps my camera at the ready, and this moment was no exception. The camera was within arms reach so I slowly picked it up, focused and while still sitting at the table amidst all the books, I took one shot. This was the only photo I got. Startled by the click of the shutter, the bird immediately took flight. But I did go out and spread a few seeds across the beam in hopes of attracting other birds to this spot. A proper bird feeder will go in soon. This morning (5:00am) as I type this, darkness still envelops us, but the birds are chirping up a storm. Ahhh…  I love the sights and sounds in our new home! I am grateful for discovering the life outside my door!


  1. Your Robin does look like it is still somewhat alarmed and on its guard with its new feeding place. Soon it will relax and give you thankful nods.

    • Yes, in time I am sure the birds (and squirrels?) will become accustomed to me hanging around in the shadows. right now I’m watching a Robin on the fence again, enjoying the treats I’ve left out. Earlier there was a Chickadee. Thanks for stopping by, Paul. I appreciate it. 🙂

  2. I too work at a table by a window and have put out three bird feeders there. It is a joy to look up and see what is happening. Right now for instance, there is a male house finch and a mourning dove at one feeder. A female house finch watching from the bannister and a female goldfinch at another feeder. It gives me such joy to see them.

    • Ahhh… I am right there with you. The only problem is that it is so hard to concentrate on my studies. If I could earn a living birdwatching, puttering in the yard, taking pictures, etc., THAT is what I would do with my life. 🙂

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