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2011 was a year filled with upheaval and stress. A move from Maryland to Virginia, and then another from Virginia to Ohio, each dwelling smaller than the one before, necessitated storing most of our belongings in a storage unit far from where we now live. As if that was not stress enough, unexpected losses and illnesses of loved ones contributed to the jumble of feelings. Things got out of whack. For this year I have resolved to get my life back into whack (whatever ‘whack’ means.) Part of the process involves getting out of the apartment everyday and increasing physical activity. This is more of a challenge in winter when grounds and road surfaces are coated in snow and ice. Living in an apartment complex however, does afford some amenities that make it a bit easier to work toward my goals. The gym is free to all residents, so this year I’ve begun to come here and use the treadmill. Thirty minutes on that and I feel like a new person. As I get more in shape, I will use some of the other equipment, too, but a daily treadmill workout is great for now. I am grateful for gyms that have the tools that help us shape up!


One of the things I’m striving for in my life is balance.  Since I began grad school, my life has gotten a bit out of kilter.  A sedentary life is bad for one’s health, therefore I’m allocating time each day for physical activity.  Morning walks are a start.  I use to do things like walking, swimming at a local gym, stretching exercises and tai chi.  Sadly I’ve let that part of my life go to pot and I am now paying the price.  This morning was the first of what I hope will be many early morning walks.  As is my custom, when I leave the house I grab a camera “just in case.”  I photographed these late bloomers while out, and even though they are showing wear, they are beautiful.  Besides being a great way to start my day, early mornings are beautiful as the world wakes up. (Even now I’m listening to warbling birds outside my window.)  What a blessing to take the time to enjoy early mornings.  I am truly grateful for early morning walks.

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