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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Richard and I love to stroll along wooded paths enjoying nature at its most pristine . . . or at least as pristine as we can get in this urbanized world with designated parklands laced with maintained pathways throughout. Nonetheless, those pathways allow us to step out of our hectic-paced technological jungles into a world of fresh air, arching trees and a buzz of natural activity that provides a feast for our eyes and music for our hearing. Even when I wander alone along the paths, my flagging, fatigued spirit is refreshed. Not all pathways are that refreshing, but all seem to offer newness, possibilities, growth, and expectation. Having walked many paths in nature and in life, I have come to welcome the newness of what lies ahead, whether it be a cup of hot chocolate by a roaring fire at the end of the trail, or a new community or adventure in life. Yes, I am grateful for paths.

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