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Monthly Archives: October 2013



Months have passed since I last posted in this blog. Graduate studies are coming to an end soon (December), but the final months that include a full-time, unpaid internship (as well as academic requirements) are grueling. Sleep-deprived, physically exhausted, cranky and whining, I have been “too busy” for anything outside of academia and clients. I want to run away. And maybe I will . . . after graduation. This morning, early–like, real early–I dragged myself out of bed to head to the computer to continue writing case notes, updating care plans, and maybe even get a little studying in before I head off to the office. But as I descended the stairs, bone weary, it occurred to me that I have been lax in my morning meditations and prayers, that there is a world of beauty and wonder outside this small world in which I am ensconced. It also dawned on me (no pun intended) that I am damn fortunate to be able to pursue this dream. Above all the pressures, angst, late nights and early mornings that pursuing this dream entails, I am blessed with opportunity; opportunity to study, to see, to hear, to learn, to grow, to give, to be authentic and real. Opportunity. In that instant as I was descending the stairs to all that awaited my attention, I recognized that I also had the opportunity of choice, and so I chose to spend time in meditation and prayer, and to take time to acknowledge, with gratitude, the blessing of opportunity.

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