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The ubiquitous lightbulb is taken for granted by most of us. Our homes are lit at night by bulbs of many varieties and sometimes varying colors. We flip a switch and light illuminates our surroundings. When one bulb burns out we simply make a run to the nearest store or market and purchase another. Simple. Unless of course the electricity is out. Some of my clients are without electricity at the moment for reasons I’ll save for another post, and other than lack of heat in frigid weather, the loss of light is their biggest complaint. Something as simple a the light bulb has truly changed the world as it was known at the time of its invention. Light bulbs are everywhere: street lights, head lights, flashing emergency lights, lit signs, traffic lights, fluorescent lights, ceiling lights, lamps, etc. All lights I can think of use light bulbs.  I am indeed grateful for lightbulbs and how they illuminate our world.



On the last night of Chanukah I ventured out into the cold to snap a few photos. As I gazed up at our window, I was struck by the contrast between the snowy landscape in which I stood and the warmth and light coming from within. What a striking metaphor! Yet, that is the metaphor offered by Chanukah and the lights we kindle. When all is darkness and cold outside, the light of the spirit within each of us offers respite from the dark coldness that too often appears to envelop us. It only takes one light to illuminate that darkness, one light to illuminate the path we must follow or the place in which we dwell. But once that light is kindled, another light, and then another and another begins to ignite. May your home, your heart, your spirit be aglow with the light of Chanukah throughout the coming year. I am most grateful for light and warmth Chanukah candles emit on a cold winter night.


As I get older, I am coming to appreciate light more and more.  One of my biggest complaints when I am studying is that there simply is not enough light.  Strong light directed on the point of my interest is just as bad.  I need surrounding light, too.  In order to read, sew, work on the computer, whatever else I use my eyes for, I need light directly on the subject and light to illuminate the entire room.  It’s an age thing, I’m sure.  But this age thing is giving me a new appreciation for the importance of light.  I could write a whole sermon on the light in both literal and allegorical senses.  Another time.  For today, I look out my window and notice the interesting shadow that the rising sun creates on our balcony and think of what a wonderful thing light is.  I shot this photo during the Cherry Blossom Festival last year (2010).  I am truly grateful for light.

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