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For as long as I can remember, our refrigerator has been the message board, inspiration center, and magnet holder in our family. I guess it started when the kids were ankle-biters and the fridge was “THE” place to display their artwork, notes from school, schedules, appointments, etc. The kids left home years ago but we never stopped using the refrigerator as our message center. One of the habits we developed along the way was leaving notes for each other on our “message center,” and it didn’t take long for us to start leaving endearing sentiments and love notes. I love waking up in the morning, padding into the kitchen, reaching for the refrigerator door and by chance seeing Richard’s latest note to me. Not to be outdone, I will reply in kind. It is sweet. (Yes, I intentionally smeared the one in the photo . . .  🙂 ) When the air is tense between us, if I’m in the kitchen and happen to glance at the refrigerator door and see his love note to me, I am reminded that we may fuss with each other from time to time, but in his words, “the bottom line is I love you quite a lot.”  Nothing is better than that! I am grateful for love notes left on the refrigerator. 🙂

We are getting into the warm-soon-to-be-hot time of the year.  Last night Richard and I walked to the grocery store, and even though we are still in the spring of the year, our walk back to the apartment was rather warm and we walked at a fast clip.  Some of our items needed refrigeration to keep from spoiling; time to start using the insulated grocery bags, especially if we plan to continue walking to and from the grocery mart!  Back at the apartment, as I was loading food into the fridge, I wondered what people did before these marvelous inventions became a necessity in our lives. The frost-free fridges are all we see anymore.  Before that we had the self-defrosting, before that we had to defrost the thing ourselves from time to time (a task I remember from my childhood.)  An older generation remembers the ice man delivering ice for the ice box, and before that were the cellars where food was kept cool.  When I think of what “use to be,” I am thankful for the modern convenience that refrigeration provides. Therefore, I am ever so grateful for refrigerators!

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