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We are getting into the warm-soon-to-be-hot time of the year.  Last night Richard and I walked to the grocery store, and even though we are still in the spring of the year, our walk back to the apartment was rather warm and we walked at a fast clip.  Some of our items needed refrigeration to keep from spoiling; time to start using the insulated grocery bags, especially if we plan to continue walking to and from the grocery mart!  Back at the apartment, as I was loading food into the fridge, I wondered what people did before these marvelous inventions became a necessity in our lives. The frost-free fridges are all we see anymore.  Before that we had the self-defrosting, before that we had to defrost the thing ourselves from time to time (a task I remember from my childhood.)  An older generation remembers the ice man delivering ice for the ice box, and before that were the cellars where food was kept cool.  When I think of what “use to be,” I am thankful for the modern convenience that refrigeration provides. Therefore, I am ever so grateful for refrigerators!


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