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Recently I’ve been reading about the wonderful health benefits and curative powers of  vinegar and honey. In fact, vinegar is being held up as the ‘miracle drug’ of the 21st century. Apple cider vinegar supposedly cures arthritis, calms upset stomachs, prevents breast, colon and prostate cancers, fades freckles, gets rid of varicose veins, relieves constipation, lengthens one’s life, lowers cholesterol, eliminates heart disease, is a cold and flu remedy, and the list goes on . . . and on . . . and on! Furthermore, white vinegar cleans tile, floors, stainless steel, kills weeds, repels ants, etc. Many of these claims are true. I know because I use vinegar in lieu of harsh chemical cleansers and poisons. But some of these claims do sound a bit far-fetched. Even so, vinegars have been around for millenia and have incredible varied uses, so much so that it is truly a staple in life. Vinegar adds zing to salads, and I’m discovering it has a host of other uses, too. Every morning I have begun drinking an elixir of apple cider vinegar, honey and hot water. Regardless of whether all claims about vinegar or honey are true, many are and the nutritional vitamins, minerals and fiber (yes, fiber) found in vinegar and honey make this a healthy morning wake-me-up drink. I am grateful for vinegar and honey.

When I was a child I had a deathly fear of bees.  I’d been stung a few times, so I knew that these little critters could cause a lot of pain.  In adulthood however, I have learned their value to the entire ecological chain (as much as a non-scientist can glean).  Pollination is the process that keeps the world going ’round, so to speak, and bees are a primary pollinator.  Honey bees provide delicious golden honey for our consumption — not that honey is made specifically for us, after all, many creatures enjoy its sweetness, but you have to admit that honey is a delectable delight when dribbled over warm toast, or used to sweeten our tea.  (Honey is also great for soothing the pain of a burn. I know!) Richard pointed out this bumblebee on a walk yesterday. The photo is not great, but during this time of concern for the dwindling number of bees and the effect that might have on our world, I wanted to express my gratitude for the bumblebee and all other bees.  (There is a HUGE lesson re: the importance of this miniscule bug…but for another blog.  If I write it I’ll link it back to this gratitude.)   Yes, I am grateful for the bee!

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