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When I was a child I had a deathly fear of bees.  I’d been stung a few times, so I knew that these little critters could cause a lot of pain.  In adulthood however, I have learned their value to the entire ecological chain (as much as a non-scientist can glean).  Pollination is the process that keeps the world going ’round, so to speak, and bees are a primary pollinator.  Honey bees provide delicious golden honey for our consumption — not that honey is made specifically for us, after all, many creatures enjoy its sweetness, but you have to admit that honey is a delectable delight when dribbled over warm toast, or used to sweeten our tea.  (Honey is also great for soothing the pain of a burn. I know!) Richard pointed out this bumblebee on a walk yesterday. The photo is not great, but during this time of concern for the dwindling number of bees and the effect that might have on our world, I wanted to express my gratitude for the bumblebee and all other bees.  (There is a HUGE lesson re: the importance of this miniscule bug…but for another blog.  If I write it I’ll link it back to this gratitude.)   Yes, I am grateful for the bee!


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