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As I get older, I am coming to appreciate light more and more.  One of my biggest complaints when I am studying is that there simply is not enough light.  Strong light directed on the point of my interest is just as bad.  I need surrounding light, too.  In order to read, sew, work on the computer, whatever else I use my eyes for, I need light directly on the subject and light to illuminate the entire room.  It’s an age thing, I’m sure.  But this age thing is giving me a new appreciation for the importance of light.  I could write a whole sermon on the light in both literal and allegorical senses.  Another time.  For today, I look out my window and notice the interesting shadow that the rising sun creates on our balcony and think of what a wonderful thing light is.  I shot this photo during the Cherry Blossom Festival last year (2010).  I am truly grateful for light.


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