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Amidst the business of studying and packing, Richard and I stole away for one last visit to Burke Lake, just fifteen minutes from our apartment.  Richard leaves later this week to begin a new job in another state.  I won’t see him again for five weeks, at which time I will be joining him in our new home.  Burk Lake is a place we go to when we need to breathe deeply, let go of our cares, mellow out, relax, enjoy nature and just “be.”  This last trip to the lake was a spontaneous “hey, let’s go to the lake for a few minutes” trip.  I will miss this lake, but I happen to know that our new city is peppered with beautiful parks and trails, and that there are state parks and sanctuaries nearby.  For now however, I enjoy the photographs, remember the sweet moments we spent at the lake yesterday, and realize that I am grateful for Burke Lake.

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