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Not too many years ago, I thought that bird watching was definitely one of the most boring hobbies EVER! How could someone sit for hours watching birds do their thing? As I’ve grown older however, I’ve discovered that birds are quite entertaining. I am learning to recognize each warble and match the sound to its species, which I am also learning to recognize. My makeshift feeder and baths are a magnet to birds of every size and color. And there is definitely a pecking order for which bird rules our deck at any given time. I have become one of those who can spend hours watching their antics. With a camera always close at hand, I have captured some of their character and beauty. Even Richard has been charmed by “my” birds since we have settled in our new place. I know they will bring joy and color to our yard for as long as we are here. I am grateful for the joy of birdwatching! 🙂



  1. My mom, daughter and I have recently started bird watching. Very peaceful way to have breakfast and a little entertainment early Sunday mornings. 🙂

    • Yes, it is a wonderful, relaxing, fun hobby! Thanks for stopping by and for pausing long enough to leave a comment. Have a great day.

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