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The phone rang and surprisingly Richard picked it up. He never answers the phone! When he hung up he told me M, our neighbor two doors down, had left a bag of goodies by the kitchen door. When I retrieved the bag, it was filled with fresh scallions, parsley and basil from her garden. The lilies pictured here grow in M’s yard. Our neighbor on the west side of our house stops to chat when he sees me trimming back the rhododendron bushes. Neighbors to the east moved into their home just weeks before we took possession of this house. We talk over the fence and share notes on the joys and trials of moving into a new home and neighborhood. I haven’t officially met the neighbors across the street to the north, but we wave to each other when we are out. They seem friendly and their young daughter and their neighbor’s daughter (northwest of us) enjoy playing with each other, and I enjoy hearing their laughter while I work in our yard. We have new neighbors that began moving in to their home just yesterday, also across the street from us, northeast corner. Part of what makes a home warm and welcoming is the community where one lives. This is proving to be an inviting community. This is also a multi-cultural community. When I look at those who surround us with open arms, we are different races, religions, cultures, ages, and interests, yet neighborliness characterizes the people on the street where we live. I am truly grateful for this home and our wonderful neighbors!

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