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It’s late at night (oops…early morning) and there are few words left for me to say on this day other than I love to watch birds. I love to photograph birds. This is a mindful, restful hobby and I urge you to give it a try. I am grateful for the hobby of birding, or birdwatching as many say.

Good night and sweet dreams.


My old Pentax Spotmatic, a classic!

Richard knows how much I enjoy photography. He smiles (most of the time) when I unexpectedly blurt out “Pull over,” as we drive down the highway because he knows I see something that is photo-worthy in my eyes. Richard, the dear man that he is, accommodates my obsession. I don’t think many men would do that. Photography was a hobby of mine years ago when the kids were still “ankle biters.”  Back then I shot almost exclusively in black and white. “In the olden days,” as my grandchildren might say, cameras used film and film was expensive. I had a darkroom in the basement, but with the cost of chemicals and equipment, not to mention exorbitant amounts of time (it never failed that as soon as I was at some crucial point of the film development/printing process in the dark room, one of the kids had an emergency that only “Mom” [moi] could address), created a dilemma. I reached a point where I had to choose: Mary’s orthodontia, Mica’s running shoes and chiropractic visits, Tim’s art supplies, children’s school expenses, etc., or photographic expenses for my hobby? The choice was clear, so I put away my camera and in time forgot about artistic endeavors. The kids grew up and moved away. I met and married Richard. Then, when Richard and I were planning a trip, my twin brother from Colorado sent me a point-and-shoot camera ~ a loaner ~ so that I could record our trip. Once I held a camera in my hand, then shot that first frame, I was flooded with memories, and the “bug bit” once again. That was four or five years ago, and now in addition to that “loaner” (which Steve finally told me to keep) I have a DSLR and never leave home without one or both of the cameras.

The thing about this particular hobby is that I get to share the wonderful sights and happenings that I experience with anyone who is interested. The world is a marvelous place in many ways, despite the ugliness we see every day and are bombarded with through every medium imaginable. It is easy to forget the beauty in life. Through this hobby I not only see the beauty, I am privileged to share it. In fact, I feel compelled to share not only the beauty, but the emotions evoked by that beauty with all who care to see and to feel. Although I continue to consider photography an enjoyable hobby, it is also a piece of my life’s calling, or purpose if you prefer. I am preparing to become a psychotherapist, and art therapy  and photography will be a part of what I do from here on out. Each of us has something that inspires, motivates, brings satisfaction or joy, and can be shared with others. Our hobbies are often expressions of our inner strengths and creativity. I am grateful for the many wonderful hobbies each of us delves into, and how those hobbies express our joys and contentment, our creativity and giving spirit. 🙂

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