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I woke up this morning and through the slats in the blinds I saw brilliant red. I hopped out of bed, ran to the window, and drew open the blinds to be greeted with another breath-taking sunrise. I sat back on my bed and watched as the crimson reds spread into pinks and eventually golden rays. Another day is born. I sigh deeply and am profoundly thankful. Life is filled with all things good and bad, but with each sunrise new opportunities abound. What will I do with today? How will I act? What life-altering decisions will I make? Will I make the most of this day? Will I squander it? Are there hidden gems of kindness waiting to be harvested? What will today bring? I am profoundly grateful for another day to live!

*******This blog has few readers, but it is special to me. Blogging regularly about gratitude nurtures the attitude of joyous living. I will have to take a hiatus from this site however, as the pressing demands of grad school are mounting. I will be back once I finish this quarter, help my child who is expecting her first child in early March, and get through one of our busiest and holiest holidays, Passover. In other words, I’ll be back in April. If so moved, and if time allows, I may add a post here and there, but I won’t be here regularly till the spring. Meanwhile you can keep up with me on my primary post, Inspired Living, where I will continue blogging but on a much reduced schedule. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the spring-time again. 🙂 Enjoy the winter months!

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