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It’s late at night (oops…early morning) and there are few words left for me to say on this day other than I love to watch birds. I love to photograph birds. This is a mindful, restful hobby and I urge you to give it a try. I am grateful for the hobby of birding, or birdwatching as many say.

Good night and sweet dreams.


This was a wonderfully glorious morning! Cool temperatures and moist air, breaking dawn and chirping birds joined to make sitting on the deck a meditative experience. Sipping coffee and listening to various bird melodies, I watched the sun peek through puffy clouds and streak planks of light across roofs, cars, lawns and yes, roses that continue to bloom. This morning, after months of drought, dampness and earthy smells lifted my spirits. I am grateful for drinking coffee out on the deck in the cool, misty, early morning!

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