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This morning it rained. Our parched, burnt lawn attests to the fact that we have been in a drought. We don’t water our lawn because . . . well, because. It seems a waste when water is scarce. Droughts come and go and so does green grass. But it is surely nice when all is lush and succulent, you know, that hydrated look. We don’t have that now; just the dry, brown, brittle grass. But, it rained this morning and we are told that more is on the way. Today I am mucho grateful for the rain. Don’t you love the smell after the rains come? Fragrant and fresh. Well, that is what it smells like now, fragrant and fresh. I am grateful for the rain.



  1. Cecelia, it never seems to stop raining here in the Fraser Valley, I would be grateful for a little drought. We are averaging 1.5 days of sunshine a week. Thirty eight mm of rain last 24 hr period

    • Wish I could exchange some of our drought for some of your rain. 😦 Hang in there.

  2. I do love that smell!

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