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This has been a grueling school quarter. The amount of work, coupled with the difficulty of the material covered, has made this one of the most un-enjoyable terms to date. On the bright side however, it is almost behind me. There are papers to finish but by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, m”H, it will be done. And in truthfulness, I have learned a LOT! But I am also looking forward to enjoying my yard (the tiger lily pictured here grows along the side of our garage), spending quality time with Richard, seeing some family, and generally just taking it easy until the next quarter begins in July. But the toughest course of this program will be behind me. This morning as I sit here drinking my coffee and watching the birds and chipmunks enjoy the food and water I “serve” them everyday, I am filled with gratitude that another school quarter is drawing to a close.


  1. congratulations for seeing it through. The Day Lily is a beauteous reminder of this day, today is ours.

    • YES! Living in the moment. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Joss. Another day will wrap this quarter up and then I plan on getting reaquainted with all my blogging friends!!! I’m a happy woman.

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