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When I write of interesting and ‘bizarre’ creatures, I am referring to how they appear to the human eye. From the other’s perspective however, this lizard may see us as the bizarre ones. Who knows? Looking at this lizard I see brilliant colors and rough skin, but these characteristics are protective camouflage in their world. In fact I could not see this thing for the longest time because it blended in so well with the surrounding fauna. (Once I saw it however, hanging above my head I might add, it was quite obvious!) I don’t know much about these lizards, but I know they are part of an amazing ecosystem. Seeing this lizard is a reminder of the intricacy of life and the interdependency of all living things. Yes, this lizard looks bizarre to me, as do many other animals and creepy-crawlies, but we are all part and parcel of the fabric of life, and for that reason, in addition to gratitude for all things beautiful, I am grateful for the beauty of interesting and bizarre creatures.


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