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The primary reason we took this apartment back in August was the view from our living room window. Every morning I sip on my first cup of coffee while gazing out this window. Birds are continuously seen and heard as they nest and feed from the lush courtyard pictured here. As many of you who follow my blogs know, the squirrels have kept me company with their playful scampering about and daily visitations through the winter. I have been able to photograph this scenery through all four seasons now, and every season offers a breathtaking view, and it is all right outside my window. By this time next month we will be settling into our own home, a bungalow just ten minutes away from  this location. While there will be new sights and sounds and smells, I will not have this view from any window in that house. I will have to discover new kinds of beauty. Having lived in dozens of places (literally) however, I know that beauty awaits. But for now, today, I am grateful for the view from my second-story apartment window.


  1. Why do you have to leave such a view? I guess the squirrel will be slightly disappointed. Until he forgets about it :). Lovely garden!

    • Ahhh….I know. It will be hard to leave the view, not so much the apartment! LOL. Actually, this is a sweet apartment but a bit cramped. And I’m anxious to be in our own house, which will also be cramped a bit, but it will be ours. If I could take the view with me, believe me I would! AND, I’m going to miss seeing my furry little buddy each morning. I’m leaving the suet cage in hopes that the next tenant will be kind enough to keep it filled for the birds and squirrels. Glad you like the garden.

  2. and what a view it is. As you say, there will be beauty wherever you go. You will be on the lookout for it.

    • Yes, Joss. I’ve moved enough to know that there is beauty where ever I land! I look forward to finding it and sharing it. Thanks for stopping by.

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