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This little critter has visited me regularly this week. I hung suet out for the birds, and some bird food to attract cardinals out on the window ledge. I was hoping to see a few of our feathered friends up close and personal — and besides, I didn’t want them to starve during the cold weather months. One morning I heard scratching and scraping outside our window but when I opened the blinds there was just this little guy feasting on the banquet I left for the birds! I knocked on the window but he didn’t budge, just raised his head, looked at me, then went back to his eating. At first I was a little miffed, but he is so cute, how can one stay angry with the little fellow (assuming it is a male; it could be female). After our first introduction, he (or she) has come back every day to taste the goodies. Now s/he scratches on my windows, climbs the screens, or sits and waits patiently for my attention. Ours has come to be a delightful relationship, one that even Richard thinks is charming. I really like my little friend, as long as there is glass between us! I marvel at the surprised nature presents to us if we just pay attention and enjoy.  I am grateful when wild ones pay a visit.


***For more on this squirrel, check my primary blog, Inspired Vision.


  1. so funny! sent it to twitter too …

    • Thanks frizztext. This little critter is providing a lot of entertainment for us these days. Glad you are enjoying him, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. a good guy, for sure, let him in!

    • I’m sure he’s a good guy . . . as long as he is on the other side of the glass! 🙂

  3. How adorable! I love animals.

    • Thanks Jackie. These critters visit me every day. They are sooooo cute!

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