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I shot this photograph about an hour ago. The building is in the complex where we live. I have resolved to get out of this apartment and into the fresh air every day this year! But we are in the middle of a winter storm, it is cold, deep snow is getting deeper. On the other hand, many people brave the snow and cold, so I pulled on my boots, grabbed camera and coat and headed out for a walk. I shot some beautiful photographs, but by the time I returned home, I was more than ready to hunker down for the night in my warm, inviting apartment. There is something safe and secure about one’s home. It is like a cocoon at times, a soothing and nurturing place to be. While I sit here though, thoughts begin to swirl through my mind. There are many homeless people in the area. Some folks may have a home but maybe their heating is inadequate. Some have to work out in the cold in order to protect the community from itself (sad, isn’t it.) So many scenarios run through my head of those who are cold, hungry and lonely on a night like this. I hear the wind howling, and imagine the compounded suffering when it occurs in the cold. This minute, I do not know how to help, how to be a part of the solution to homelessness and hunger. But I will think about what I can do. Why? Because to whom much has been given, much will be required. We who can have a responsibility to those who can’t. It seem our nation has forgotten that. I am humbly grateful for the gift of warmth on a cold night, and I will seek ways to share the warmth so that someone else will get a respite from the cold.


  1. I often think about them too. There are quite a few homeless people in this city. I see them, pushing carts with bags in them. Never take anything for granted.

    • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I can do to help alleviate some of the problem. I’m not one to turn my head away, and sadly I have friends whose fortunes turned in an instant. I never want to forget how blessed we are, AND I hope to find viable ways to offer support and encouragement to those who have fallen on bad times.

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