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Several things went wrong during the day. I was experiencing a bad case of the doldrums and feeling rather cross. The temperature outside was cold, and I don’t care for cold weather. My husband was preoccupied with the business of paying bills, making phone calls, etc. Blech…. not the best of days for me. I tried to be cheerful and chirpy but it kept coming off as snippy and persnickety. I kept telling myself that I should be grateful for being alive, living in a warm apartment with someone who loves me, and on and on, but to no avail. I was in a rotten mood! When that happens, oftentimes I need only change the environment or activity to eradicate the “blues.” Richard, recognizing what was happening, suggested a drive out to the country. So we bundled up, I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door. We drove to Chagrin Falls, OH, parked the car and started walking. The briskly cold air, holiday bunting still strung everywhere, cheerful crowds (Chagrin Falls is somewhat of a touristy quaint village near Cleveland), and late afternoon sun still shining lifted my spirits almost immediately. Strolling through the village, along the stream and even down to the falls, helped me to realize how fortunate I am to live in this beautiful world. If one is “stuck” in a bad place, change the place to lift the mood. That is not to say one doesn’t experience life changing tragedies and losses. Just that for me, on this particular day, a simple stroll along a stream that meanders through a quaint village was enough to clear the fog in my brain and remind me of the benefits of living a grateful life. I am grateful for the ability to change my perceptions by doing something as simple as taking an afternoon stroll along a beautiful stream.


  1. beautiful pictures. I’m very glad you have that atmosphere and beauty near you.

    • Thanks Doris. Yes, this is a lovely village just up the road from us. The stream runs through the town, and even has several waterfalls that one can see as s/he walks down the street.

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