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This is my family. At the time of this photo Richard and I had been married for only two weeks (he’s not in this picture), and we were all in KY to celebrate Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. It is the last photo we have of the six of us together. Gary, my brother standing beside me, died a few years later. My twin brother, Steve, the one on the end standing next to Gary, lives in Colorado with his wife. David, standing next to Dad, still lives with his family in Louisville. If you have been reading my posts on my other blog, Inspired Vision, you have probably read about Mom and Dad. As a family we have had our ups and downs, as any family does. But I am blessed to be a part of this family, filled with love, care, spiritual depth and social conscience, adventure and laughter. This Thanksgiving we will all converge on Louisville, along with our respective families, to celebrate the day of thanks for our blessings, and yes, even curses which so often (in hindsight) turn out to be blessings. May your thanksgiving be a time of recognizing your blessings, celebrating your successes, and being thankful for life in all of its ins and outs. 🙂 I am truly grateful for my family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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