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Visiting my daughters in Chicago has always proven to be problematic. The main reason rarely  visit is because the cost of getting there is prohibitive. Well, not anymore! When we moved to Cleveland, I was introduced to the Megabus! These two-decker beauties are fun to travel in. They stop in major cities and run express lines throughout the northeastern part of the US. Rides are comfortable, and the buses are wired for electricity so you can plug in your phones or computers. They advertise free wi-fi, however you will be lucky if you are able to pick up a server. I was able to do coursework off-line for the seven hour trip, so I’m not complaining. In fact, I am already planning a return to the windy city in March! The Megabus is extremely economical, too. I booked round-trip tickets two weeks in advance for a TOTAL of $35.50. If you plan far enough in advance, you might even luck out and get a $1 ticket!  Another couple on the bus with me got $10 round-trip tickets when they reserved six weeks in advance. In case you haven’t figured out, I am sold on Megabus. They have provided a way for me to visit my daughters three or four times a year as opposed to once every two or three years.  I am extremely grateful for the Megabus!


  1. Thanks for the reference! I love it, too, and am trying to plan a coordinated two bus jaunt. I had better luck with the wifi server CLE-Pittsburgh, and some luck Columbus–Indy. Happy traveling!

    • I am new to Megabus but I am a fan for sure! Thanks for stopping by. Pittsburgh will be on a future trip . . . my son and his family live there. Enjoy your travels. Maybe one day our paths will cross, not that we would know it, but it’s nice to think that we bloggers pass along the way from time to time.

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