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One of the things I loved about our apartment in Virginia is that we were in a position to watch the sunrise every morning. I never tired of the colors or the hopes that each new day brought with it. No two sunrises were the same. Furthermore, if I ventured onto the balcony, many times I could simultaneously watch the sunrise in the east and the moon set in the west while standing in one spot. I loved it. Our new apartment offers no such view. And I miss that. This morning however, as I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee, the view from our living room window caught my attention and I stopped in my tracks. The lush vegetation with the sun shining down on it, and how that lit up our room was simply beautiful. I scurried to the “office” to grab the camera off my desk, and  then I shot this scene to share with you. Beauty is where ever we choose to see it. So this is my new morning-wake-up view! Not bad, eh.  I am grateful for morning sunlight beaming through our living room window (and office window, and bedroom window. . . you will see more in time, I’m sure.)


  1. Beautiful.
    Happy for you, Cecilia!

    • Thanks. We are adjusting to a new place, and I really think we will like it here. I do have to give voice occasionally to what I’ll miss, though. The views from our windows in this apartment are so peaceful. “Lush” is the word that keeps coming to mind. It is a wonderful place. Speaking of place, thanks for stopping by. As always, I appreciate you taking the time. 🙂

  2. Thanks FrizzText. Have a great day!

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