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It’s not very often that you will hear a wife say “my husband is right”, at least not this wife, but it’s not what you think! Yesterday Richard and I had some business outside the apartment requiring some running around. After we completed our “chores”, we decided did a little exploring to search out some walking paths or hiking trails. We found a lovely place but just as we arrived the storm clouds rolled in and the thunder started booming.  I was able to shoot off a few frames (this is not it) before we left but we both know we will return when the weather is calmer.  On the way home Richard decided to show me some of the Jewish neighborhood. When we reached a synagogue, Richard would pull into the parking lot and make a big loop around the building. Boring! At the third parking lot of the third synagogue, as we were pulling in, I voiced my displeasure: “I do NOT want to see another parking lot!” He, in his endearing way, stated that this was the only way to see the building. Boring. Then, as we drove toward the back of the building I saw them.  I suddenly whispered to Richard to drive slowly and quietly to the rear of the lot.  As he inched along, I pulled my camera out of its bag and lowered the passenger side window.  We literally pulled up beside three deer munching grass on the synagogue lawn. They were not spooked by us, suggesting that they were accustomed to humans hanging around.  I was able to get about a dozen shots before they ambled away.  As we were leaving the parking lot, Richard mentioned that he would not take me to any more parking lots since I found them so boring. 😉 We had a good laugh and I, once again, was grateful for the man I married. I, too, am grateful for times such as these when Richard’s hunch leads us to serendipitous moments. 🙂

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