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This is a sad day in our country’s history.  Most of us remember 9/11 and can replay the events of the day in slow motion.  At times we still shake our heads in disbelief at the enormity of the happenings of that day, and how it shattered our world.  Today, ten years later, we still pause and remember.  Our hearts still ache for those we lost and the world that no longer is.  We grieve again. Grief is a part of all of our lives. We don’t like the dull ache that seems to go on for a very long time after the acute anguish passes, but grief is also a harbinger of healing.  People are drawn together in community; creative minds begin to figure out ways to be better and do better; we acknowledge the loss and those we lose and their importance to us in our everyday lives. Life is not the same after a worldwide catastrophe such as 9/11, nor is it the same for those who suffer losses on a smaller scale in more personal ways.  Loss is loss for whoever experiences it. Today we pause and remember 9/11 and grieve again but not as acutely as on that day. Now we have stories of survival, inspiration, heroism, new beginnings and new directions that were all spawned from that horrific event. Today there are also people~family, friends, acquaintances~who suffer personal losses of which the world is oblivious, but for which those experiencing the loss grieve.  Grief has a purpose. Grief allows us to express our deepest love, regrets, pain and sorrow so that we can move on.  At its best, grief has the power to inspire us and motivate us to be better than what we have been, to pursue that for which we hope, and to make a spiritual space for what we have lost. Today I am grateful for grief expressed and healing begun.

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