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This summer blessed us with unusually hot temperatures. It seems that the hot weather was felt worldwide, or maybe I should say in the northern hemisphere since the southern hemisphere was in winter. At any rate, many people suffered from the extreme temperatures. As much as I love summer and the heat it brings with it, I found the hot weather oppressive. But autumn is just around the corner. As I halfheartedly tapped at my computer yesterday while listening to the rain tap against my window, it occurred to me to take a photo of the beautiful foliage that grew within arm’s length of where I sat. Also within arm’s length sat my camera, perched in its usual place on my desk. In the moments I pondered the situation, grabbed my camera and swiveled around to shoot a few “wet-weather” shots, the rain stopped, the sun shone, and the droplets on the leaves sparkled. I opened my window and surprisingly a gust of cool~almost cold~wind rushed in. What a delight! I shot off a few frames (through the screen which is what gives the water droplets a star effect) then decided to take a walk. Once outside, I discovered how much the temperatures dropped and actually had to return to the apartment for a sweater! I’m not complaining though. It comes as no surprise to anyone that I love summer. Summer’s end is usually a bittersweet time for me. But this year I welcome relief from the heat. I welcome the cold fronts and the rains that usher in cooler temperatures. It is time for summer to start drawing to a close and for autumn to move in for a while. I am grateful for cooler temperatures which herald the coming of autumn.


  1. Lovely photo. I can’t believe it was shot through a screen — when I try that, everything’s all just that bit blurred to spoil it. Here, obviously, it enhanced the effect!
    Don’t worry, Cecilia, you’ve got plenty of mellow autumn yet to buffer you from the winter.

    • Thanks T2T. As to shooting through the screen, I’ve had some incredible luck doing that. If I’m too close to the screen, then that’s what shows up. Every once in a while though, the shots of the screen also produces a pleasant surprise! For this though, I was sitting in my chair and focusing on the leaves. I didn’t plan the “star filter” effect, but that is what I got, and more natural than using a filter (IMHO). Glad you like it. As to winter, I will enjoy every moment I can before it arrives!
      Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate it.

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