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We finally made the move.  For the last five or six weeks, “the move” has been the focus of my thoughts as I prepared for it.  Packing boxes after having just unpacked them in our last place proved to be more daunting and chaotic than I had imagined.  My psyche was battered, yet all the battering and chaos had more to do with my perceptions than with anything anyone “did” to me.  Nonetheless, I struggled with this move, even though we were moving to a place both of us hoped to retire to “someday.”  Well, “someday” came a little earlier than expected, and we were/are happy about the decision.  Richard has been here since the end of July; his job started August 1.  Now, finally after all the fuss and muss, the movers (best movers ever!) loaded us up on Monday, we were all on the road on Tuesday, and our stuff was delivered to us on Wednesday.  Today, Thursday, I pause to reflect on gratitude.  I got busy during this transition (which is really not over yet) and the attitude of gratitude slipped a little.  But today as I sit here with my first cup of coffee amidst the cavern of boxes and strewn furniture, I look out my window and think all things do work for good.  We go through times of upheaval and confusion, but good persists whether we recognize it or not.  (I’m not forgetting about those folks who have truly bad things happen to them: wars, disasters, famine, etc.  But good persists even then. Too many people who have endured the holocausts of life attest to that fact.)  So now we embark on the next leg of our journey together, Richard and I, and do so with gratitude for our new apartment in a wonderful place~the town where we got married, where our lives began together.   I am truly grateful for all that has brought us to this place and time.



  1. More congratulations to your in your other persona—
    It looks like your choice is a splendid one, all the trees are smiling down on you both —

    • Thanks, T2T! The apartment is sweet, a bit of a mess at the moment, but sweet. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to get back into the swing of blog surfing now that this move is behind us and I’m almost finished with the school quarter. Thanks for staying with me for the past few weeks.

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