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I shot this photo earlier this summer.  I love its simplicity, its aliveness.  It appears to me that this simple little wildflower is open wide to the sun as if to shout for joy for a new day.  This morning as I crawled out of bed and started puttering about our apartment that is beginning to fill with boxes in preparation for our eminent move a few days hence, I uttered a prayer of thanks for this, a new dawn, new possibilities, new surprises.  Every morning that we awake to a new day is a morning to celebrate life.  I know that life is oftentimes difficult, and that many of us face enormous challenges.  I am aware that suffering visits all of us, some much more than others. Yet, with each awakening comes the humble recognition that we are more than our pain, more than our suffering.  With each loss, each ending, each tragedy, a new beginning springs forth. We are beings created in the image of the Divine, placed in a world created in beauty from chaos. Each day holds new possibilities.  Each dawn signifies that I have another chance to not only rectify the wrongs I have caused, but to celebrate the fullness of life and the One who made it so. I am humbly grateful for the dawn of a new day!

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