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Torch bearers are the ones who lead the way through the darkness.  One definition is that torch bearers are the ones who impart knowledge, truth, or inspiration to others.  Torch bearers inspire others to take up the cause for justice, for creating a better world whether it be for better living conditions, fairer treatment, equitable pay, etc.  The job of a torch bearer is oftentimes dangerous because as leaders, they are the ones most in harm’s way as they seek to change unjust systems or aid the cast outs of society.  When they are bearing the torches and leading the way through uncharted territories, they are the ones who are often most feared and reviled by those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.  Even so, torch bearers forge ahead despite the risks because their sense of humanity and charity, and their outrage over injustices meted out by an unscrupulous few, is greater than fear for their own well-being.  Torch bearers are the catalysts to change unjust systems.  Torch bearers are the bearers of love and hope amidst pain and oppression.  We do not thank them enough, and most often we vilify them until years later when we decide to make them heroes:  Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, all suffragettes who suffered beatings and abuses so women could receive the right to vote, whistle blowers who lose their livelihood and their friends to expose wrongs, artists who dare to create beauty in the midst of ugliness, writers who tell the stories that need to be told, religious leaders who stand up to the status quo and seek to live by principle rather than by popularity.  The list goes on and on.  What we hear in the news has very little to do with torch bearers and a whole lot to do with sensation seekers.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our elected officials chose to become torch bearers for a better, more humane, compassionate world as opposed to perpetual campaigners who will tell their constituents what they want to hear all so they~the politicians~are assured of continued tenure as an elected representative with all its attending perks (perks they vote for themselves I might add) and the power that goes with the office.  As you can see, I am not too keen on politicians at the moment, but I am extremely grateful for torch bearers who are the true change agents of society.  Who are our torch bearers today?  Who are the ones leading the way against the injustices, those seeking to model kindness, caring, empathy and concern for a hurting world.  Where are our torch bearers?


  1. Some are on Facebook —
    My friend Therese has been a torch bearer for 6 decades, and gotten smacked down plenty for it. But up she pops again. Now she’s out there, on Facebook — ill suited for serious discussion and weighty matters, I think — but she’s posting away, indefatigably, because she cares about it.
    Another woman whom I don’t know in a real sense, but somehow is a facebook friend, Elizabeth — she’s like Therese. She’s out there posting, opining, sharing —
    I admire them IMMENSELY, although I don’t have whatever it takes to be one myself. I do other things, and some of them are pretty good things —
    But I’m not a torch bearer. Wonderful post giving them credit!

    • Torch bearers are few and far between. It takes a special person to be a “trail blazer,” or to call attention to whatever needs to be set right. I do appreciate the ones who are strong enough, savvy enough, onery enough to do that. Thank you for naming two people you know who are out there fighting the good fight. I have no doubt that there are many things that you do quite well, to. Thank you. And thanks for stopping by, and for offering gratitude for your two friends. They are blessed to have a friend and supporter like you.

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