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This was a green tomato in Mom and Dad’s yard.  I shot it earlier this summer when we were in Kentucky.  I am sure that it is long gone by now, hopefully having graced a plate of salad or some delicious meal that Mom cooked up.  There is nothing like fresh food out one’s own garden.  The flavor and texture far surpasses veggies in supermarkets which were force-ripened in order to get it to our market shelves.  The stuff that we get right out of our gardens, produce that grew and ripened in its proper time is full of flavor.  Yes, rabbit and deer and birds and bugs of all sorts enjoy the veggies, too.  Even so, that which is harvested from our gardens and served in our homes, is by far the best of all!  I am grateful for home grown vegetables!



  1. Hey Cecelia… nothing like home grown stuff!
    I used to love digging up fresh potatoes, bring them straight to the pot and boil them … with dill.

    • With dill!!!!!! YUM! Next time I’m coming over! Set an extra plate! LOL! There is nothing quite as delicious as veggies straight out of the garden. Glad you appreciate this, and I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Have a great day.

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