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I know that this is a photographic diary about gratitude, but today there is no photograph.  I am exhausted and have neither the energy nor the inclination to peruse my thousands of photos (yes, thousands) to find a suitable photograph for this post.  My sweet apartment is full of boxes waiting to be filled as we prepare to move far away from this place.  I am up to my eyeballs in studies for my courses (Marriage and Family Counseling Theories, colloquia/Residency). And worst of all, I am alone. Richard has already started his new job, so he is in Ohio while I continue to pack and study.  The cat is going nuts.  She has been through this before so even though she is blind, she knows something is up and a change is coming.  Did I mention that I’m tired?  I’m lonely, too.  I miss my husband. . .and Mom and Dad, and the kids and grandkids. . . But, despite the “blues” which seem to have gotten a toehold on me, I am grateful.  In these days, having a job is good thing.  Due to the fact that Richard works even though he would love to retire, I am able to continue my studies in preparation for hanging out my own shingle (Counselor) so that when he does retire, and I am my own boss, we will have the flexibility to travel some, to establish our own schedules and do those things that bring us so much joy.  I don’t know how to photograph that–gratitude that Richard has a job so I can go to school.  I wanted to publicize how grateful I am for the sacrifices that Richard is making now so that I can pursue my dream, so at this late hour when I am exhausted and lonely, missing him and my family, I pause to be grateful for his love and dedication to help us reach our dreams together.  Thank you Richard, I am truly grateful for what you do for our future.



  1. That’s so sweet 🙂
    He is great husband. I’m glad you can study what you want.
    Yes, it’s really good he can work.

    sorry you’re lonely, I can imagine…


    • Thank you Doris, such sweetness. 🙂 Less than a month and Richard and I will be together again. YAY!!!!

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