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Yes, boxes.  This is not one of those pretty, picturesque, feel-good gratitudes.  Rather, this is more practical, businesslike, real life gratitudes that are a result of unexpected  and/or unwelcome events in life.  One thing I’ve learned in my 58 years is that everything has a silver lining.  We may have to look for it.  The good in the situation may wait to be revealed years or generations later, but there is definitely something to be grateful for in every circumstance.  Family and friends know how much I dislike frequent moves.  Yet, here I go again.  We have lived in this quite-comfortable apartment all of seven months.  By the time we reach eight months I will be packed up and ready to move again. Ugh. . . Moving as frequently as we do however, I have come to appreciate the value of cardboard boxes.  I don’t know what folks did before the cardboard box, but this ubiquitous item is indispensible in our lives.  We box everything up!  Boxes are reusable, too.  Once we’ve moved, and the boxes are unpacked, I flatten them out and store them in anticipation of the next move.  (Actually, the next move I’m getting rid of the things!  Working “the Secret” if you know what I mean!!!  hahahaha) At any rate, with every box that is packed, I am aware that we are moving closer and closer to our moving date.  When I allow myself to think about “the move,” I get a little excited (but don’t tell folks; will ruin my image!)  Every move brings with it new possibility, exploring new places, making new friends.  Boxes help me get there.  So today’s gratitude is not about pretty flowers, nor are lovely landscapes or attractive items of any kind involved with this gratitude.  Rather, I am grateful for the lowly, unappreciated-yet-necessary box!


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