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In addition to flowers, I love to photograph trees.  These are a stand of Sycamore trees found in Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, MD.  Trees are magnificent!  They offer shade from the sun, something we have needed as of late.  Their wood can be crafted into all manner of furniture, tools, or buildings. We burn wood for fuel, or mulch them for our gardens.  One of my favorite places to read years ago, was sitting on the ground leaning against a gargantuan Willow tree growing beside a gentle stream.  Well, I didn’t actually get a lot of reading done, but I was able to ponder nature’s glory while I sat there.  Another tree was a Mimosa tree that my brothers and I would climb in.  It grew in our back yard and one could usually find a kid or two crawling up its branches–us or the neighbor kids.  Here in Virginia, there is a Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree that we pass every Shabbat on our way to shul (synagogue.)  Its branches almost touch the ground, and it shades the entire yard and sidewalk.  As we walk into the enclosure its branches create, the temperature drops and we stand for a few moments enjoying the coolness before we walk on toward our destination.  When we get our house, I want one of those trees in our yard.  There are other trees that I enjoy, each offering a particular characteristic that I like: Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, Oaks of all kinds, various kinds of Willows, Beechwood, Sycamores, and the list goes on.  In the autumn I love to see the vivid reds of the Maples, and in the late winter to taste the syrup that is made from its sap.  I am indeed grateful for trees of all kinds!


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