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Daily Archives: July 21st, 2011

I love flowers.  Always have.  I am drawn to them like a bee to honey.  All three of my blogs are filled with flowers.  Flowers play an important role in propagating the species. We all know that pollination is crucial in the reproducing process, and in sustaining life on this planet.  But that is not why I’m in love with flowers.  I love them because they are beautiful.  They brighten up a dull landscape; they add color and fragrance to all aspects of life.  I love to have flowers in my yard and in my home.  I photograph flowers from every angle imaginable, just so I can share their beauty with you.  Many men refuse to buy flowers for their wives because they don’t see the purpose of buying something that will wilt and be gone in a matter of days.  Many women don’t enjoy flowers because there are too many other demands in life to fool with such trivial things as flowers.  Personally, I am convinced that a simple thing such as a beautiful flower can brighten a day, lift someone’s spirits, imply love and adoration, and more.  Such a simple act as giving someone a flower is a holy moment for giver and receiver. (For instance, a dandelion from a child–my child–is the best gift I can receive–have received!)  Flowers are magical.  I am grateful for flowers of all kinds!

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