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As long as I can remember I have loved seeing waterfalls.  In fact, as a child camping with my family, one of the “draws” to just about any place we pitched our tent (tepee) was the allure of waterfalls.  Some were magnificent, some little more than a descending trickle.  But no matter, something about falling water touches our souls.  Not too long ago I read a photo-essay showing that animals in the wild are drawn to waterfalls, too.  One series of photos were particularly poignant. A chimp in the wild was sitting on the edge of a jungle river mesmerized by the waterfall before him.  (see here for a similar story)  The caption read that when it approached the falls, the chimp became excited, danced and flailed about.  Once there, the chimp just sat and gazed upon the sight. Later he actually swung from vines to and fro out into the mists that billowed up from the falls.  The essay noted other animals, too, that were attracted to waterfalls.  Even this small koi pond waterfall can keep my attention for hours.  I don’t know what it is about falling water, but its beauty mesmerizes me.  I am grateful for waterfalls.

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