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This beautiful sight greeted me this morning around 5:30.  This is the view from my bedroom window.  Mornings are my best time of day.  For years mornings have been my “quiet” alone time as I slowly wake up and get stirring.  Without that alone space in my day, I can be quite cranky, grumpy, and cantankerous.  Each morning I look out to see the first rays of the sun peering over the horizon or through the clouds.  Birds are quite loud at this “quiet” time as they scavenge for food and chat back and forth.  When I step out on the balcony, dewy surfaces give a sparkling sheen to everything.  Simply put, mornings are a glorious time of day; I am grateful for glorious mornings!


  1. this whole blog is amazing!
    pics are great.

    • Thanks, Doris. Glad you like it, and I appreciate that you mosied over here for a look. Thanks.

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