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We drove through some beautiful countryside on our first day of vacation.  When we crossed the state line into West Virginia, we began looking for a “Welcome Center” or “Visitors’ Center.”  Each time we enter a state, we like to pick up brochures to see what kinds of interesting places and events the state has to offer.  When we entered West Virginia however, the visitors center was closed and travelers were directed via detour to another location.  Following the signs and arrows took us much further off the beaten path than we had intended to venture, and we were seriously considering turning back, retracing our path back to the interstate highway and continuing our journey toward my Kentucky home.  But just as we were ready to give up, we descended down a mountainside into the delightful, historic district of the village of Greenbrier.  The Greenbrier Valley Visitor Center sat on a corner in the middle of the town.  While Richard went inside to grab some state literature, maps and brochures, I wandered around a 3 or 4 block area shooting pictures.  As I was shooting, an occasional passerby would stop and point out something of interest that I might want to shoot: dates on buildings, titles of what the building used to be, a stone house once at the center of a Civil War battle, etc. The friendliness of the people and the picturesque village made for a delightful, refreshing and rejuvenating break from our journey toward home.  I am grateful for the delightful surprises of unexpected side trips.



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