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Music has been a part of my life since early childhood.  (See here for precious music memories.) Piano is my instrument of choice, but due to frequent moves, coupled with the cumbersome size and weight of our piano, it sits in storage as I write this.  Pictured above however, is my collection of folk instruments acquired–and played–through the years.  The drum is thunderous!  But there are times when I just want to be loud and feel the reverberations through my body as I beat the drum to an even rhythm.  The flute, with it’s snake head, was crafted for me by a Cherokee story-teller and flautist, a gift from my son.  The rattle, made from a turtle shell that was found in a field that was once prairie land, is filled with dry seeds and makes a beautiful sound.  The bowed psaltery was a gift when I left my position as executive director of a women’s center to go to grad school (first masters).  The wonderful thing about these instruments is that I can take them–any one of them, or all–wherever I go without too much hassle.  I love music of all kinds, from classical to blue grass, klezmer to rock-n-roll, I can listen to whatever suits the mood in the moment. Music enriches one’s life, tells stories, evokes emotions, stirs passions, is a call to arms (what would the Civil Rights Movement be without music?).  I love music, and I am grateful for all kinds of music!



    • Margaret Tallman Snyder
    • Posted May 31, 2011 at 4:35 pm
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    One of my fondest memories from childhood is lying on the cool hardwood living room floor listening to my mother play the piano. She played beautifully which inspired me to learn to play. When I moved out she gave me the piano and that little Baldwin Acrosonic piano has led a gypsy’s life with me… :”She” is definitely not very portable and if space is limited that’s another problem. A couple of years ago I decided I’d take guitar lessons… I took a six week adult education group class @ Bellarmine Univ. and followed it up with a smaller group class @ the teacher’s house for a few months. She had some health problems and had to stop the class, but I did learn enough to play a little… I love it! It’s so nice to be able to make music practically anywhere.

    • Margaret,
      I can remember how excited I was when Mom and Dad “upgraded” from an antique upright out-of-tune piano to a Baldwin Acrosonic! They bought the Baldwin our first year living in Valley Station (10th grade) and kept it until just a few years ago when they finally sold it. I was unaware that you are a pianist, too. Once music is in one’s soul, it is always there regardless of the instrument.

      thanks for stopping by, and for leaving a comment. Have a wonderful day.

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