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Vacations are a necessity of life.  Without them we run the risk of becoming stagnant.  Vacations stimulate creativity and well-being.  We all need time away from the routines and drama of everyday life, time to rejuvenate, to see with new eyes, to relax, unwind  and reflect, time to play. . . time. Sadly, the U.S.A. is one of the worst nations/cultures to take time off.  People who make it a point to vacation recognize its importance.  This is a mental health issue!  Our family vacationed every summer for two or three weeks.  My fondest childhood memories are of vacations to various parts of the country.  Richard and I love our vacations, but sadly don’t take them very often.  Here we are in Vermont at the Ben and Jerry’s factory, on our way home from Montreal, Canada.  It was a glorious vacation even though taken in winter (Richard’s favorite time of year.) I am ever so grateful for vacations!


  1. There are many who would love to take vacations but are able to financially.

    • Yes and no. Richard and I have not been able to take long vacations away for a very long time because we cannot afford it. So we take “mini” vacations: parks, wooded trails, nearby lakes, free museums, etc. The number of free activities that are available in every community I have ever lived in is amazing, and I’ve lived in over 36 different places thus far. . . and we are looking to relocate again! It’s the time away from work, daily crisis and drama, etc. that renews us. My parents take a “day apart” every month and have been doing so for decades. Taking a picnic or participating in an enjoyable sporting event or pleasurable hobby can provide the needed vacation. Don’t let finances stand in the way of taking a vacation, regardless of how you take your vacation! I am grateful for vacations!

      Thank you so much for your comment which allowed me to elaborate more on the value of vacations. You make an important point, and while we may not be financially able to take trips to exotic places, we cannot afford NOT take vacations in some way, shape or form!

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